“Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind,
for in the earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us.”

~ (HOPI Prophecy)

In 1999, prominent Mayan Elder Don Alejandro (“Wandering Wolf”) predicted that on March 31st of 2013 the Sun would be hidden for 60 to 70 hours. After this brief time of darkness, he said that we then enter the “period of the Fifth Sun.” “Wandering Wolf” relayed this message not to frighten nor to threaten, but to help us to understand perhaps the most significant part of our transition of consciousness into the New Era. Mayan elder Hunbatz Men repeated the same story and timeframe. Some non-Mayans have repeated the same message. Variations of the time of darkness vary from as little as three hours to as much as three days (72 hours). I could find no recent updates or retractions on this subject. Relevant or not, March 31st of this year is also Easter Sunday. Might this be spiritual synchronicity, or simply random coincidence? Will anything visually dramatic happen that date, will there be a long period of darkness? What if it does? What if it doesn’t? Some who have returned from a recent spiritual pilgrimage to Mayan sacred sites speak instead of March 21st 2013 as the time when “things related to the new era consciousness really start actively, actually happening.” The 21st of March this year will be one day after Spring Equinox and one day into the first new season since the Winter Solstice of December 21st 2012. Astro-logically, this March 21st date makes sense. But might there be anything special about the astrology of March 31st of this year? Since no time of day on that date was predicted, no accurate chart can be created in advance. However, there are some interesting corresponding astrological potentials.

First, an exceptional number of planets, about one third, are on various 11+ Zodiacal degrees. My friend of many years, Rick Klimczak, has analyzed the Sabian Symbol degree images, not only individually, but also by each of the thirty degree groupings (1+, 2+, 3+, etc.) For the 11+ degrees, (the 12 series), Rick writes* about finding meaning through direct experience. Further he notes: “Society vs. Nature” “Bringing things to light. Being able to see experience in a deeper way “…. Questioning ones values….” “Seeing the meaning in an experience as a way of changing one’s understanding of the situation. Moving up the spiritual or social evolution to a higher vantage point.” This all fits what Wandering Wolf expects will be the consequence of the temporary darkness.

Second, Sun and Venus are in tense, challenging relationship with Pluto, in signs associated with change. Further, Uranus is less than three degrees from the Sun. Applying the mythological dimension of astrology, a possible scenario is that the light can be suddenly “stolen” then “stolen” back within “Wandering Wolf’s” approximate time frame.” Having the Sun disappear than later reappear fits the astrology, and yet that potential cannot responsibly be used to predict with certainty that this will indeed happen.

Third, for about two hours starting at 9:58 a.m. EDT (6:58 a.m. PDT) on March 31st, the Moon’s Sabian Symbol image tells of deep stirrings within the Earth. The predicted Darkness has been linked to a sudden Pole Shift/ Earth Shift.

There are several more appropriate astrological clues were for this to occur, but I won’t go into detail about such a speculative matter.

IF It Happens….

“Wandering Wolf” shared this prediction in large part to minimize panic, just as he and other Mayan Elders tried to defuse December 21st 2012 panic and gloom caused by non-Mayans’ misinterpretation of a Mayan calendar. Therefore, don’t panic. Practically speaking, it would be good to have basic provisions like candles, flashlights, blankets, bottled water, and food that can be eaten without heating. Pray to understand and be guided. Mediate on the profundity of the transition. Look out kindly and lovingly for one another.

IF It Doesn’t Happen….

“Wandering Wolf” and his people lost untold books when the conquering Spaniards destroyed them centuries ago. He doesn’t have much to go on. Perhaps his and his people’s sincere belief in human and ecological love and Divine Blessings more wish this to happen, rather than know with certainty that it will happen. After all, he and his people realize that without such a “wake up” message, modern people will likely destroy what’s left of Mother Earth and the poor people trying to eek out an ethical ecologically respectful existence working with what’s left of Her, “Pachamama.” Perhaps he got the timing a little bit off. Perhaps what he really “saw” was a significant symbolic collective internal shift in consciousness. Turn a deaf ear to soulless smug smirking cynics, the most useless beings in our present of time of need. Pray for us all, Earth and all Her elements and creatures, and for we people, of whatever present level of consciousness. Life will go on, temporarily darker or not. Truly living includes consciousness, love, kindness and gratitude, big change or not, come March 31st.

Be the Person You Were Born to Be!

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