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It used to be said that the most important person in the world is the president of the United States. Recently it has become obvious that BP CEO is hardly an underling to anyone, not the U.K. Prime Minister, nor U.K. Queen, nor U.S. president. Does anyone have Hayward's time of birth?

What is known about Tony Hayward is that he was born in Slough, England May 21, 1957.
For such a significant individual, we of course should look to the position of his Sun. IF he was born 9:11 a.m. or later, his Sun is the first degree of Gemini. The Sabian Symbol degree for Gemini 1 is "A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders and panoramas." Tony's natal Sun is conjunct Ceres on the last degree of Taurus, both square natal Pluto at 27+ Leo. On that fateful date of 4/20/2010, Chiron had just entered the first degree of Pisces, square 1 Gemini, with Neptune nearby at 28+ Aquarius, conjunct his Black Moon Lilith on the last degree of Aquarius, AND opposite to his natal Pluto, AND square his Ceres and Sun! Meanwhile, Uranus then was transiting within less than a degree from Tony's Vesta on the last degree of Pisces. (Note that some Sabian Symbol experts consider the last degree of Aquarius to be "The moonlit ruins of Babylon" --- the end of a decadent "civilization." Regardless, note that whenever the Aquarian Age begins, to we Sabian Symbol advocates, this degree tells us HOW the Aquarian Age begins.)  Like the continual oil hemorrhage, these transiting aspects to this as-human-as-the-rest-of-us man's chart linger for months, reactivating significantly in 2011. Meanwhile, the Solar Eclipse of 7-11-2010 is conjunct Tony's progressed Sun and aspecting his natal lunar nodes. (No rest for the greedy, I guess.)   

A few brief Chiron notes: 

1. Stressful aspects of Chiron to Sun correspond to the human imperfections and failings of a V.I.P. (or here, a V.I.BP.) After the incident, Tony's suffering ego publiclly whined "I want my life back" as if the end of the lives of 11 human oil rig workers, the torturous deaths of untold sea creatures, the ruined economy and way of life for easily hundreds of thousands, etc. are just unpleasant annoyances on Tony's way to the bank or a regatta.  
2. The Sabian Symbol for 1 Pisces involves a market. Think Stock Market. There are oil workers who tell of serious problems with this well going back a month or more before April 20. Tony, a knowledgeable geologist with experience on oil rigs. is purported to have dumped 30% of his own holdings in BP in March of this year. Did he know what was coming? Perhaps the answer is in note 3, which follows. Speaking of stock, BP shares have plummeted (or should we say "plumed," the last that I heard, some 30%, and the oil problems and the corresponding astrological aspects, are far from over. Little Chiron can seem to have a catalytic effect. Will the Stock Market itself hemorrhage also? Like "The Terminator," Chiron "Will be back" to this degree in 2011. We will see what happens. Meanwhile, no engineering stopgap measure is viable, and even then professionals say that the odds are at best 50% favorable then. Even if this particular well is handled at that time, BP has hundreds of others in the Gulf, including the ominously named "Atlantis" which is much bigger and much deeper. Hang on to your dipstick --- if you can!

3. "Slick" Tony's natal Chiron's Sabian Symbol is " A man unmasked at a masquerade." TIME will tell, or maybe NEWSWEEK, or "Democracy Now!"?

Dale ("Doc Chiron") O'Brien
in green Eugene, Oregon


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